In one of my certification courses, I had to write a complete set of instructions on any technical subject and publish a condensed version online. I wrote about how to install WordPress in a local environment, because I needed to install a local environment myself. I chose to publish on Google Sites because I hadn’t used the platform before and I was curious about the user experience.


I researched the topic online and identified the general workflow, but I had some questions about best practices. I asked on Reddit, and a very helpful, knowledgeable programmer agreed to be my subject matter expert. He answered my questions and gave me additional tips based on his experience with local environments.

Once I had all the information gathered, I chunked the process into 5 smaller tasks:

  1. Downloading and installing XAMPP
  2. Installing WordPress in a local directory
  3. Launching the XAMPP Control Panel
  4. Creating a MySQL database
  5. Configuring WordPress in the local environment


The site is published here: Installing WordPress in a Local Environment. The full technical document can be downloaded from the first page.